Eating out: Alicante

There’s nothing better than a delicious home-cooked meal, but sometimes it’s nice to eat out. Here are reviews that I wrote about my favourite places in Alicante.

Garcia Morato, 5
Alicante, Spain

L’Indret is my favourite place to have lunch in Alicante. It is a 100% vegetarian establishment with an Indian/Hare Krishna vibe which gives it a relaxed atmosphere. The owners and staff are friendly, attentive, and more than happy to help you with any questions (be they in Spanish, Valencian or English).

The salad buffet is usually completely vegan, as are most of the set menu dishes. Normally I go for the salad buffet which is excellent value, with a range of leafy greens, grains, legumes and sauces, as much as you want for 4,95€. If you’ve got a good appetite, or just want to try some more dishes, the set menu is 11€, which includes 3 courses. I’ve never been disappointed, and have often eaten too much; a sign of just how good the food is!

The only part of me that has any reservations about L’Indret is the beer-lover in me; unfortunately they only have Cruzcampo, which happens to be one of my least favourite beers.

To sum up. For anyone looking for a good lunch, and especially vegans and vegetarians, L’Indret is the best option in Alicante.

Pros: Good value salad buffet, Excellent vegan options, Relaxed atmosphere
Cons: Not open in the evening, Poor beer selection, Shut for a large part of August

Tres Semillas
Avenida de la Constitucion, 16
Alicante, Spain

Tres Semillas is a vegan bakery/cafe right in the centre of Alicante, offering a wide selection of pastries, cakes and smoothies. Sometimes it can be frustrating being a vegan, especially in Spain; so when I discovered this gem I was over the moon. To be able to go into a cafe and order any pastry or cake, safe in the knowledge that they are all vegan friendly is a delight, in a typical cafe you’d be lucky to find anything to eat beyond a bag of crisps. What’s more, everything here is tasty and well-presented. Another consideration for me when choosing a cafe, is if there is music or TV blaring, and fortunately the owners and staff at Tres Semillas (as well as being lovely people) have good music taste, so it’s a pleasant place to spend half an hour with a smoothie/juice/coffee and a nice pastry or slice of cake.

They also offer gluten-free and sugar-free options, so something for everyone.

I believe the only non-vegan items at Tres Semillas are cow milk for beverages and cheese for sandwiches, but you can always ask the friendly staff who mostly speak decent English.

All in all, Tres Semillas is the best vegan option for a snack and a juice in Alicante.

Pros: Excellent vegan pastries and cakes, Good location, Relaxed atmosphere
Cons: Only snacks, no full meals


Italian Food/ Comida Italiana


Spaghetti with tomato sauce and sunflower seed “parmesan”. Pizza with cashew cheese, peppers and olives.
Espaguetis con salsa de tomate y “parmesano” de pipas. Pizza con queso de anacardos, pimientos y aceitunas negras.

Recreating classic dishes such as spaghetti and pizza is fun, but unless the cheese is successfully replaced by something equally flavoursome, a dish can be lacking that “je ne sais quoi”.

For the mini-pizza I used one of my favourites, cashew cheese; which is lovely and creamy, and easily spread over a pizza. For the spaghetti I used a new discovery, sunflower seed “parmesan”; which successfully impressed non-vegan friends with it’s very “parmesanesque” qualities.

Es divertido recrear los platos clásicos como espaguetis o pizza, pero si el queso no esta reemplazado con éxito con algo igualmente sabroso, un plato puede carecer de un cierto “no sé qué”.

Para el mini-pizza usé uno de mis alimentos favoritos, queso de anacardos; que es suave y que se puede extender sobre el pizza fácilmente. Para los espaguetis usé un nuevo descubrimiento, “parmesano” de pipas; que impresionó a mis amigos no veganos con su cualidades similares al queso parmesano.

March/Marzo 2014

March 2014: So far this month...

Mushroom and spinach salad; vegetable bake with sunflower seed “parmesan”; pancakes with chocolate sauce; veggie chilli with quinoa.

Ensalada de champiñones y espinacas; verduras al horno con “parmesan” de pipas; “pancakes” con salsa de chocolate; chilli vegeteriano con quinoa.